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Welcome to the GAUDELs and thank you for your visit. This site has more than 3,000 pages for more than 50,000 indivuduals !

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Today, the majority of the pages on this site are written in French . In addition, some general or relative pages to the U.S.A. and Nepal are written in English.

In case you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact me in. It will be a pleasure for me to give you all the details and explanations you need.

After having found my oldest ancestor Georges GAUDEL in Orbey, Haut-Rhin, France, I propose to find the origins of GAUDELs all over the world, and in particular Your roots.

This work, started in 1995, allowed me to geographically locate the origin of the GAUDEL branches and to link the GAUDELs of the 21st century to them.

Thanks to the databases that I created, containing more than fifty thousand individuals, you will be able to find very close cousins that you have forgotten or that you did not know existed.

But such a classic genealogy made up of lists of names and dates remains a lifeless skeleton if it is not supplemented by a rich and varied documentation.

It is therefore thanks to you, cousins GAUDEL from all walks of life, who agree to send me information and family documents, that we can build the album of our large family. This album is yours ; It belongs to you.

This is how you will discover in each branch, the portraits of the most modest to the most illustrious, in the historical context.

Let us hope that this work crosses the generations to contribute to a better knowledge of the GAUDELs and their past : the roots of our future !

Finally, note that the documentation visible on this site represents only a small part of that in my possession.

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer your questions with pleasure.

Have a good walk on this site.